X Factor 2011: Furious Simon Cowell blasts judges as ratings fall

Simon Cowell

All is not well in The X Factor camp this morning, with show boss Simon Cowell apparently furious about the declining ratings. With two million viewers tuning out, the music mogul is set to have harsh words with the new judges.

Less than 10 million viewers tuned into the show on Saturday night, well down on the dizzying heights of the 15 million viewers it could attract last year.

"Simon is furious," an insider blabs, "This would never have happened on his watch and he wants the team to know this and sort it out.

"He knows there is great talent on the show, but he thinks the attention to detail has been shocking. The acts are not being showcased at their best."

Speaking to The Sun, the source continued: "Say what you like about Simon, but he spends ages dithering over the tiny details to make sure everything is perfect. There's no way he would have sanctioned some of those song outfits or choices."

"Last year there were nearly 14million watching the second live show. Where have all those viewers gone?

"It's no wonder Cowell has gone ballistic. Losing viewers is the last thing he wanted to happen."

We wonder who will be getting their P45 at the end of this series...

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