X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell wants Simon Cowell to return!

Kitty Brucknell

X Factor 2011 hopeful Kitty Brucknell has said she wants to see Simon Cowell back on the panel, because she thinks the music mogul will want to keep her on the show. Kitty told pals that the X Factor boss and former judge would understand her.

The blonde singer managed to survive the first public vote last night, but bookies predict that the former Britney impersonator will be at risk over the next few weeks.

Kitty supposedly said: “I need Simon back on the show if I’m going to have any chance of going all the way. No one understands me.

“Everyone thinks I’m out for attention all the time. But in reality I just want to do something a bit different.

“I know Simon would get me and give me a chance. People take what he says seriously so unless he comes back soon I’m going to really struggle to stay in.”

Simon quit the show earlier this year to focus on the US version, but told the daily Star that he was hoping for the programme to find a new controversial singer like Lady GaGa.

“Now you have to be more open-minded and embrace that level of expression," he said. “You hope to God you can find someone like Lady Gaga.”

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