X Factor 2011: Craig Colton throws diva strop backstage!

Craig Colton

X Factor favourite Craig Colton reportedly threw a diva strop before Saturday's second live show, with show insiders saying that the cheeky Liverpudlian has been letting all the praise from the judges go to his head.

It’s the second report of unpleasant backstage antics from the weekend, after [tag]Kelly Rowland[/tag] reportedly forced [tag]Misha Bryan[/tag] to apologise for her demanding attitude to the show's staff.

An X Factor source revealed: “The stress seems to be getting to Craig and he’s no longer the lovable Liverpudlian everyone fell in love with.

“He was throwing his weight around and having a diva fit before the live shows."

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, the source added: “Anyone would think he’d already won five Ivor Novello Awards the way he was acting.”

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But despite the bad press, both Craig and Misha sailed through last night’s result show, as [tag]Nu Vibe[/tag] became the first to be cut.

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