Dean 'Midas' Maynard reviews The X Factor's second live show!

Janet Devlin

Buckle up and fire up the quattro... it's week 2 of the live X Factor shows. Last Sunday, 16 became 12 and we sadly said goodbye to Jonjo Kerr, James Michael, Amelia Lily and everyone's friends, 2 Shoes. Good luck for the future to all of them. They may not be on the show anymore but they each have enough talent to continue. Stars of the future? Who knows?

Right, back to business...

Good job Boots were doing an offer again on tissues this week because the theme was 'Love and Heartache'. No doubt there will be a lot more of that to come.

First up were boy band Nu Vibe. Sorry guys, but it's just not working for me. Weak vocals from a group who just don't stand out enough. They would be eaten up straight away if they were let loose in the outside world. They are in a real danger of leaving the show after that performance.

My 'Wildcard' Midas Act Sami Brookes was up next, and boy can this woman sing. A very strong, faultless vocal, for the second week in a row.

Gary Barlow said it was a cruise ship performance, well if that's the kind of talent on board, then book us a cruise Mrs M.


Our biscuit man Craig, followed up last weeks performance with another good vocal. It wasn't as perfect as last week for me, but he is still in a different league compared to some of the others. Looking good man!!

Next up was Midas Act, Janet Devlin. Janet's grandfather passed away on Thursday so this was always going to be a tough performance to pull off. She put all of her emotion into the song and performed a true, raw, Janet style vocal. Biased aside, this had to be one of the performance of the night for me. Another set of great comments from the judges too. Well done Janet.

Frankie Cocozza stepped to the mic next and it was not good at all. The vocal was weak and he looked edgy and nervous, in fact at times he looked like he didn't want to be there at all. Needs to improve and fast.

Aladdin and his magic lamp AKA Johnny Robinson was up next....Louis what are doing. But then again, just how far would Johnny go without it? The thing is with Johnny, he can sing but has he really got the X Factor?

I did enjoy the banter between Gary & Johnny and his, "you can rub my lamp anytime" comment to Mr Barlow was brilliant. See the guy does have a sense of humour.

And their war of words concluded with Host Dermot O'Leary saying 'Welcome to the X Factor' Indeed Dermot. Indeed.

Another bad song choice followed for Marcus Collins. I know this guy is much better than his first two performances suggest and I like him but he needs better songs. Send your suggestions on a postcard. Now there's an idea...Dear Simon,........

Girl band Rhythmix were up next and I am starting to really warm to these girls. A girl band in the X Factor that can sing. Thank goodness. And they look good, are modern, fresh and they seem to have a fizzy sparkle between them.

The longer these girls stay in the more their fan base will grow. I can now also officially say that Rhythmix are the best girl band I have EVER seen on the X Factor.

Misha B followed Rhythmix and smashed it again for the second week in a row. I agree with the judges when they say she already looks like an established star. Brilliant.

The Risk were up next and they were pure class. Tight vocals, good harmonies and the girls already love them...can they break the X Factor group curse?

Sophie Habibas was the last of Kelly's girls to perform and for me it was the night's most disappointing vocal of the night. I like Sophie, I really do but there were a lot of off notes and we still really don't know her at all. She needs to blossom in the next few weeks or the big personalities left will swamp her when it comes to the public vote.

Last but not least was Kitty Brucknell. OK, I do admit to not being Kitty's biggest fan but I can't deny her performance and her vocal were brilliant (you feeling OK Dean? - Ed)

It was in the top 3 of tonight's Acts.

Right, who will be voted off tonight...

I personally think Nu Vibe should leave tonight. They are the act whose two live performances have been the worst by far.

Special thanks must go to Eliot Kennedy and all the back room staff, who are doing a fantastic job getting the acts ready every week. True unsung heroes of the show.

Before I go, I must say I really enjoyed the show this week. It still lacks Simon's spark, but the new judges are doing a great job and their own personalities are starting to show through.

Now where is my lamp...

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