X Factor 2011: Staff separate Kitty Brucknell and Johnny Robinson after fight!

Kitty Brucknell

X Factor's wacky Kitty Brucknell found herself in yet another clash with her fellow finalists this week, a she ended up in an argument with Johnny Robinson over an impression. The 45-year-old funnyman was poking fun at the blonde singer, and she didn't seem to like his view on her!

“Johnny was poking fun at Kitty, doing an impression of how she acts. He must have hit a nerve because she started laying into him," a source said. “The staff had to pull them apart and neither was giving up without a fight.”

It comes after yesterday Sami Brookes admitted that living with Kitty was "driving her up the wall".

The source added to the Daily Star Sunday: “It’s going to be even more difficult for Louis now. It’s only week two of the show and two of his three acts hate each other’s guts.

“Usually if you’re in the same category you root for each other but that’s definitely not the case here. It is going to be all-out war.”

Tonight the trio, and their fellow contestants, will find out who is next to be eliminated.

PIC: Syco/Simon Harris

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