X Factor 2011: Marcus Collins was bullied 'for being black and gay'

Marcus Collins

X Factor 2011 hopeful Marcus Collins has revealed how he was bullied growing up as a child, for both his race and sexuality. The openly gay hairdresser from Liverpool told the Sunday Mirror today how his lifestyle and heritage saw him being regularly beat up.

"There was only three people who were mixed race, so we stood out,” the 23-year-old hairdresser said. “It wasn’t just words, I was ­beaten up too.

“But as I have gotten older racism has become less of a problem as people have become more educated.”

But the talented singer, who is currently dating former X Factor finalist David Heath, said he's also been attack for his sexuality.

“There’s been a few low points, where it’s been horrible, difficult and awkward," he told the newspaper today.

Speaking about the support from boyfriend David and his family, Marcus added: “I’ve got a good close-knit family and we talk about everything. It’s definitely made me tougher. David and I are quite confident and people appreciate that.”

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