X Factor 2011: Kitty dazzles with Alice in Wonderland inspired take on Bjork!

Kitty Brucknell

X Factor singer Kitty Brucknell closed in the show in some style this evening, with a bizarre Alice in Wonderland take on Bjork's It's So Quiet. The judges were quite speechless by the end of the performance, which saw a pale Kitty performing as Alice as part of a Mad Hatter's Tea Party set.

A shocked Tulisa told the 26-year-old singer: "Kitty I am a little speechless I have to admit. No one can deny that there is something different about you but also, no one can deny the talent that you have.

"As an artist you are amazing. Every time I see you on that stage I am lost for words and the truth is, I am lost for words and I hope people vote for you, for what’s important which is your talent."

Gary Barlow was also positive, praising the wacky performer's talent: "Kitty there’s a lot of talk about you, I’m not bothered about that. I’m going to judge on that performance tonight and if this was really a talent contest and not a popularity one you’d be here next week"


Kelly Rowland added: "Kitty tonight you delivered vocally but I think you have got to remember the same people that you want to sell records to, they have to love you babe.

"You gotta get them to love you. It’s not just about the voice…you really do have a great performance every week it just never ceases to amaze me."

After returning to his seat following a rather over the top standing ovation for the performance, Kitty's mentor Louis Walsh said: "You never let me down, you always deliver, you go out there fighting.

"You were born to be on that stage but I need people to vote for you... fantastic! That was the performance of the night."

Will you be voting for Kitty this weekend? Add your thoughts on her performance below or send us a tweet!

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