X Factor 2011: Johnny invites Gary Barlow to "rub his lamp"!

Johnny Robinson

X Factor hopeful Johnny Robinson had us and the entire X Factor panel in stitches of laughter this evening following his performance, with the quick whittled signer inviting Gary Barlow to rub his lamp! The hilarious banter followed a rather bizarre performance of Kylie's Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.

Kelly Rowland said after the performance: "Oh Johnny. I don’t know… Hi Johnny! Just move to Gary man because I’m still in shock. I need to hear you sing Johnny, I don’t want you to hide behind Kylie. We all know she is wonderful and she has great songs but I want to hear your voice."

Tulisa added: "You do it for me every time. You definitely have the entertainment factor, only one criticism tonight and it’s not for you it’s for Louis: I just want to say that as much as he is entertaining – and we know this – I would love to see the vocal shine through.

"I would love you to give him a song that shows he really can sing. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but for now you are mine."

Gary Barlow also hit out at Louis, saying: "In all seriousness, I am actually quite sad because I don’t want to laugh at you Johnny. I don’t want you to be the joke in this competition, I want people to take you seriously because you can actually sing.

"Louis did you just really tell Frankie he has no swagger and then do this to Johnny? I mean look at him, he looks like he’s in Aladdin."

To which Johnny quipped: "Gary can rub my lamp anytime!"

As the panel tried to contain their laughter, Louis Walsh commented: "You know what, Johnny, I’m really glad that I saved you last week because you are bringing fun. Gary Barlow is laughing, that’s a first. You bring fun to the competition, I know you can sing, but it’s all round entertainment guys."

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