X Factor 2011: Judges unimpressed with Frankie Cocozza's performance

Frankie Cocozza

The X Factor judges weren't all too impressed with Frankie Cocozza this evening, as a last minute song change by mentor Gary Barlow was criticised by the panel. Louis Walsh blasted the "average performance", while Kelly Rowland said Frankie needed to move up another level.

Gary had changed Frankie's song on Friday night, with the teenager performing Coldplay's The Scientist on the night.

Louis Walsh told the youngster: "When we saw you at bootcamp we all thought you were the one to beat… but that was just a very, very average song choice. It just didn’t work. You seem to have lost your swagger or something. It was just very, very average."

While Tulisa added: "You’ve got the star quality there’s no doubt about that and every time you stand on that stage I can feel it. I have to be honest I wasn’t too sure about the song choice this week.


"The song choices are a little repetitive with you, it seems to be the same vibe… I’d love a bit of a shock factor from you. I know what you’re capable of so I’d like to see the best you can give. I think you are capable a lot more."

After having a go at Louis for his use of the word 'Swagger', Kelly added: "I will say that I did expect more from you this week, I do love the song and I love everything about you but I think that you vocally, you have got to come up to another level because it’s just sitting stagnant…..you’ve got to move."

Mentor Gary however was more positive, saying: "Frankie back in the real world that was fantastic mate, well done. You responded to the song change just as I thought you would.

"You did a great job tonight...thank you!"

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