X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow blasts Sami Brookes' 'cruise ship' song choice

Sami brookes

X Factor judges Tulisa and Louis Walsh were on their feet for Sami Brookes on tonight's second live show, as the 31-year-old bar maid wowed with a performance of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, but Gary Barlow wasn't sure about the song choice.

Kelly Rowland raved: "Sami I think you already know that you are one of the most lovable people anyone could ever meet but the fact, whoever was it broke your heart? Let me go stamp on his. Girl you sang the heck out of that song, ok… put it down!

Tulisa agreed, saying: "Sami do you know what, that is a massive song but I tell you what you have a massive voice and not many people can get away with singing that song and actually nail it but tonight, you nailed it."

But Gary wasn't as convinced, telling the singer: "Sami let me start by saying you look gorgeous tonight babe, absolutely beautiful.


"You know I’m a big fan of yours, that song was a little bit too close to being a cruise ship singer for me but you have a brilliant voice and I really enjoyed the performance… well done!

Speaking to Dermot, Gary added that he would have "never" given Sami the song, calling it old fashioned.

Mentor Louis Walsh added: "Sami everybody in Wales is so proud of you tonight, I want them to lift their phones and vote for you. That was effortless, it was emotional and it was beautiful and I am really proud of you."

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