Kitty's former manager reveals her hate for The X Factor!

Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Brucknell previously boasted that she would never take part in The X Factor because she hates it so much, her former manager has claimed. Speaking to the Daily Star about the wacky singer, Alan Breeze revealed all about Kitty's attempts at stardom.

“She plagued me with phone calls to make her famous. She’s a wannabe at all costs," he told the newspaper. “I was hoping I’d seen the last of her so you can imagine my surprise when she turned up on The X Factor.

“She had always said she would never go on the show as she thinks it is all fixed.”

And Alan, who represented Kitty until last year, told how her desperation for fame saw her take part in anything - appearing in over 30 different TV shows.

“I tried to get her some TV presenting work but she went off on her own tangent, turning up on everything from naff cookery programmes to dating shows," he explained. “She began to think she was becoming famous just by appearing occasionally on the telly."

He added: "My role was to make her famous but I couldn’t reason with her, it was impossible.

“I fear when she gets kicked off by the public she will crack up.”

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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