X Factor 2011: Sami Brookes is Janet Devlin's biggest fan!

Sami brookes

It's great to hear some nice stories come out of the X Factor house, and it really does seem like tragedy brings people together. Following the death of her grandad earlier this week, and with her family in Ireland, 16-year-old Janet Devlin has turned to "mum of the house" Sami Brookes for support.

The 31-year-old Welsh singer said the talented teenager will be "fine" to perform this evening, after choosing not to fly home for the funeral.

"Because I’m the oldest girl in the house, I fuss about the other girls," Sami revealed. “I even make sure Janet takes her vitamins because she’s a ­vegetarian. She is OK, she stayed in my room the other night and I think she’ll be fine on Saturday night.”

And laughing off claims of bullying between Kitty and Janet, Sami insisted: “I’ll make sure that no one will pick on Janet. She’s going to sell millions of albums, I’m her biggest fan.”

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