X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell vows to stay on the show and beat the bullies!

Kitty Brucknell

Kitty Brucknell has confessed she "nearly quit" the X Factor after being bullied by fellow contestants. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Kitty added that there were still issues at the house, but said she wasn't there to make any friends.

"What went on was very hurtful. It was the first time I have been bullied like that since I was a child. It felt like I was back at school and it took me to a dark place," she told the newspaper.

And following reports she was set to quit the show, Kitty admitted: “I have considered quitting X Factor but that would be giving in to the bullies and I want to stand up to them.

“Screw these people in life that love to bully. I am trying to do this for everyone who ever felt different, who ever felt left out. I am here now, and if you are brave you have to keep on running.”


Talking about life in the glamour X Factor mansion, Kitty admitted there were problems: “Contestants wonder who said what and people deny saying things but at the end of the day everyone wants the limelight.

“Am I diva? Yes, but only when it comes to my music,” she admitted. “I am very passionate and demand perfection. That is especially true on X Factor because every performance could be your last. I know I ask for ­outrageous dresses and I understand how that looks extravagant, but the stylist and me know what happened.

“I’ve tried not to get involved with other people in the house.

“I am not worried about making friends. There are people I haven’t spoken to and I doubt I will."

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