X Factor 2011: Sami Brookes fancies Misha Bryan!

Misha Bryan

Could we be set for our first ever X Factor lesbian romance? Given the age difference, unlikely! But none the less, openly gay contestant Sami Brookes has confessed her feelings for fellow contestant Misha Bryan...

The 31-year-old bar maid sad of the teenager: "I would snog her. She is hot! I love her."

And it seems as though Sami is trying to get into shape to impress the diva singer.

"I want to lose two stone but it's really tough. I've put on two pounds this week — don't tell Louis! I'm like a secret squirrel scoffing chocolates all the time," she continued to The Sun.

"I'd like Louis to get me a bikini because I forgot mine and it means I can't use the pool.

"Swimming helps you lose weight. I've been going in wearing leggings, which isn't very good."

Sami yesterday promised a return to ballads for her this evening.

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