X Factor 2011: Craig Colton reveals "cheeky and uptempo" song choice

Craig Colton

Craig Colton has revealed his second X Factor 2011 live performance will be more uptmepo than his previous songs, but just as cheeky! The Liverpudlian lad also added he was looking to outdo Sophie Habibis, naming the 19-year-odl as his made competition!

Speaking in his second official video diary for the X Factor website, Craig teased a more "fun" performance tonight.

He said: "This week’s performance will be a bit different to what I’ve done previously on the show. I’ve done a lot of ballads, so this week is a bit more uptempo. It’s not a fast song but it’s a little more cheeky and uptempo than what you’ve seen before."

And the former biscuit factory worker added: "This week should be fun."

Meanwhile the cheeky singer, who is currently one of the favourites, revealed he sees Sophie Habibis as his biggest competition.

"This week Sophie said that I was and I’m not just repaying the favour back but I’ve said it in a lot of magazines and a lot of interviews, I think Sophie is the one to watch in this competition.

"Her first performance just came out of nowhere and people didn’t expect it from Sophie, because she didn’t have a lot of coverage. I think she is the one we all have to watch, I think the underdog is going to do well this year."

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