Matt Cardle brands himself a "real artist" in latest X Factor rant

Matt Cardle

We're staying to think Matt Cardle doesn’t want to be a success at all. Since reappearing from obscurity after winning last year's show, the 28-year-old has done little more than moan about the show and hit out at the platform it's given him. In his latest rant, he brands himself a "real artist" - at the expense of the show's other success stories.

"Syco's a very pop label and I know X Factor is quite pop, but I'm not pop," he moaned to The Sun.

"You've got people like Kings of Leon, John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen on Columbia, as opposed to Syco where you've got your Cher Lloyds and your One Directions. Columbia is a real artist's label."

And the X Factor winner said his 'real artistry' is what will set him apart other flop winners.

"I don't know how much they had to do with the writing of their albums," he explained.

"But I was grafting for nearly 12 years. The show is how I got my break. I consider myself an artist. The songs are from my heart, my life experiences."

But despite considering himself a “real artist” and reminding us all how he writes songs, Matt’s latest song was penned by X Factor judge Gary Barlow, and is out now.

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