'Very sick' Dannii Minogue has had the worst year of her life

Dannii Minogue

It's been a good few months for Dannii Minogue, who reveals all about her health problems over the past year which eventually led to her exit from The X Factor back in May. The Aussie popstar tells the magazine about her cancer scare after being rushed to hospital earlier this year.

She was eventually diagnosed with an under-active thyroid and is receiving treatment for the condition - and she's now revealed she feared she had cancer after watching her sister, singer Kylie, battle the disease in 2005.

In the interview - out tomorrow - she says: "In my darkest moments I did really worry - because of family history - it could be something that serious. The last year was incredibly tough."

She continues to admit: "The truth is I have been very sick... I was travelling back and forth from Australia to the UK doing The X Factor, I was jet lagged, on the go non-stop"

"I was losing weight, permanently exhausted, I didn’t feel like myself."

Giving up her role as a judge on X Factor was entirely her own decision, she says.

"I looked at the schedule. In the 10 weeks of filming it would have meant me doing around 10 trips back and forth from Australia. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do it. I physically couldn’t."

But despite the pain of the past year, Dannii insists: "I have to see what happened as a positive. My body forced me to rebalance my life. I needed to look after myself, my son and be at home with Kris. We needed to get through it together which is what we’ve done"

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