X Factor's Kitty says she was bullied at school for being too clever!

Kitty X Factor bootcamp

It seems the claims coming from X Factor wannabe Kitty Brucknell never seem to stop, with the blonde singer claiming she was bullied at school by her pupils and teachers - for being too clever. The 26-year-old said she "hated" her time there, after skipping ahead a year.

“My mum was ­amazing at teaching me when I was little, and by the time I was 13 months I could read a newspaper," she boasted.

“When I was three it was ­decided I should be moved ahead two years at school, but in the end I was only put ahead one year because it was felt it would be too hard for me socially.

“But I hated school, right up until I left at 17. The pupils and teachers just didn’t get me. I didn’t just want to be a normal girl, I wanted to perform and sing and stand out."

She added: “I went to three schools and hated all of them. On ­non-uniform days everyone else just wanted to come in wearing jeans and I came in wearing a huge leopard-print jacket. That was me, but nobody understood.”

PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

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