X Factor 2011: Bullying Kitty Brucknell reduces Janet Devlin to tears!

Janet Devlin X Factor 2011

It seems the row between Janet Devlin and Kitty Brucknell is escalating, with the 16-year-old apparently reduced to tears this week by the blonde wannabe's bullying! According to sources close to the contestants, Janet has confided in pals that Kitty has it in for her!

After last week's shock twist, we'd have thought the finalists would be under enough pressure as it is, without the need for them to be turning on one another.

"Kitty's been saying the show's bosses 'laid it on a plate' for Janet, and there's no point competing when they want her to win," a source says.

"Janet's not very confident anyway, so she's starting to feel the pressure - she's hundreds of miles away from her family in Northern Ireland and is worried Kitty's turning the rest of the contestants against her."

The secret undercover X Factor mole adds: "Obviously everyone wants to win, but Kitty seems to have homed in on Janet as the biggest threat."


And speaking to Closer, they admitted: "Show bosses have had to warn Kitty to leave Janet alone."

The pair clashed previously in the lead up to last Saturday's first show, with a jealous Kitty apparently ranting: "I’ve been gigging for the past 10 years, I’ve finally made it on to The X ­Factor after years of hard graft. I’ve done the karaoke circuit, corporate gigs, my whole life is performing and singing.

“But I have no chance if I’m pitted against a 16-year-old girl who is being given the opportunity on a plate.”

This week the contestants will be singing songs which tell stories of love, but it seems there is little between these two...

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