Harry Hill confirms he's working on 'The X Factor musical'!

X Factor 2011

Excellent news fans of The X Factor and fans of musicals (that'd be an interesting intersection on a Venn diagram), Harry Hill has confirmed work is being made on The X Factor musical. The TV Burp funny man revealed the project was still in the early stages, but was looking good.

The bald comic blabbed about the supposed secret project: “We’re seeing if there’s any mileage in it and edging in that direction. Hopefully, yes.

“I’d pen the story and the gags, taking the p**s out of ‘The X Factor’, but at the same time celebrating it.”

Speaking to the Radio Times, Harry - who used to be a doctor before turning to comedy - also said he was loving the new panel.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the new ‘X Factor’ judges. We all thought, ‘Oh God, what’s it going to be like without Simon?’ But I don’t think we miss him like we missed him from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

“Gary’s not as caustic but he’s got a few nice put-downs; Tulisa is the heart and soul of the panel; and Kelly is the international flavour – it’s always very glamorous to have someone with an American accent. Unless it’s John Barrowman.”

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