Man's ear bitten off during row over X Factor's Rebecca Ferguson!

Rebecca Ferguson

People do take The X Factor a bit too seriously sometimes, but it seems that three men took their fandom to a whole other level when they got into a row over last year's finalist Rebecca Ferguson. One bloke was left with half an ear and severe burns, after being attacked by two others during an argument over whether the Liverpudlian singer would win the show last year.

Lee Stynes and Mathew Gannaway-Pitts were yesterday told they both faced jail terms after admitting the attack on Brian Wade last year.

Speaking outside court in Exeter, Detective Constable Blain Bishop explained. "They had a row over whether Rebecca Ferguson would win and whether she would sleep with them. They decided to beat him up. Gannaway-Pitts started to attack him by punching and kicking Mr Wade.

"Lee Stynes went and boiled a kettle with sugar in it. The victim was on the floor and he poured the boiling water over his head, face and arms.

"The idea of the sugar was that the boiling water would stick to his skin. It left him with burns and he spent a week and a half in a specialist burns unit at a Bristol hospital."

He continued: "Stynes then bit his left ear leaving a 3cm gap in the middle of his ear which he will have for the rest of his life.

"Gannaway-Pitts put the bitten ear in his tobacco pouch as a trophy."

God knows what arguments Kitty Brucknell will cause this year...

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