Cheryl Cole flies birthday banner for Simon Cowell over his Miami home!

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole

Despite rumours of a feud between the two, there were no signs of any anger from Cheryl Cole as she flew a birthday banner over Simon Cowell's Miami home. The Geordie singer organised a plane to tow a personal congratulations over Simon's house as he turned 52 this month.

It read: “Simon Cowell is 52 today! Ha ha ha! Love Cheryl xoxo”

Simon, who dumped Cheryl from The X Factor USA in May of this year, apparently found the stunt “hilarious”.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “Cheryl knows he likes to keep his birthday quiet so he thought it was very funny that she was teasing him over it. They had a strong friendship outside of work.

”The past couple of weeks they have been back in touch and there’s no doubt they missed each other’s friendship.


"Cheryl’s been totally reborn in the past few months. That’s why she doesn’t care about poking fun at Simon. And she always used to worry about what he’d think and say all the time but she has a sense of freedom now.”

The prank continues a yearly birthday surprise that first started on The X Factor in 2008, with Simon presenting Cheryl with a 'I Love Simon' T-shirt for her birthday. In 2009, he brought her a 'Simon Cowell Calendar', and Cheryl repaid the favour with an 'I Love Cheryl' shirt for the music mogul.

And last year the stunts go even more bizarre, as a group of singing dwarves – who were decked out with a violin, drum and an accordion – were sent by Cheryl to the X Factor studio for Simon's 51st birthday.

A source said: "He thought it was the best present he’d ever had. Cheryl said she thought it would funny for us to annoy him.”

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