X Factor 2011: Cher Lloyd slams 'attention seeking' Kitty Brucknell!

Cher Lloyd

You know you're doing something wrong when even X Factor queen Brat Cher Lloyd thinks you're an attention seeker. Speaking at the Radio 1 Teen Awards last weekend, the 17-year-old slammed the blonde wannabe's antics on the show.

Cher, who finished fourth on last year's show, warned Kitty that she has "a lot to learn."

"I'm very honest. If I don't like an act then I'll say. The one that sticks out for me is Kitty - I have a big thing about her," Cher told DigitalSpy. "She's got a lot learn. I just dislike the way she acts, and she acts that way to get the attention.

"I think it's just part of her personality. I know we can't all get on with everyone, but I think her approach to things is wrong."

On her favourite contestants, Cher said: "I'm enjoying Craig - I think he's really good and a breath of fresh air to the show. Sammi is great too.

"It's great there are lots of urban acts finally getting on to The X Factor - we haven't really had that before. I think they're more accepted now and they've got a bigger chance of getting through because the music scene is changing. We don't all want to always hear Mariah Carey, do we?"

The talented teenager is expected to return to the show to perform her new track With Ur Love later this year.

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