Cher Lloyd continues her war of words with Louis Walsh!

Louis Walsh

Even a year on from appearing on the show, it seems as though Cher Lloyd's bitter feud with X Factor judge Louis Walsh is going to continue. The pair didn't even try to hide their dislike of one another last year, with Louis Walsh branding the then 17-year-old a brat and diva.

But Cher hit back at the Irish music mogul, telling him to "f**k off" at the show's wrap party, and their war of words has continued in the press ever since.

Louis said recently the teenager - who went to number one with her debut single Swagger Jagger earlier this year - had "no likeability factor",

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine this month, Cher Lloyd hit back at the comments.

"I'm really liking Kelly [Rowland] - she's doing really well. But you've still got Louis. Urgh!" she said about the show's new line up. "Do you know what? He's bored. Let him have his little play around. Louis, I love yer... do I 'eck!

"What he doesn't realise is we're going to bump into each other at some party or whatever. That is, if he's not at home watching Coronation Street."

We await Louis' comeback...

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