X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow 'flips out' backstage after opening show

Gary Barlow facepalm

X Factor judge Gary Barlow reportedly threw a strop in a "ballistic" rant at the show's producers at the weekend, refusing to go on air for the Xtra Factor at one point. According to the Daily Star, Gary "hurled his toys out of the pram" following Saturday night's marathon show.

A supposed "backstage source" told the newspaper: “It was quite a temper tantrum.”

The insider claimed that Gary had refused to film for Xtra Factor following the two and a half hour opening live show at the weekend.

The source explained : “Gary hurled his toys out of the pram and threw a fit. People were shocked it was Gary throwing the strop as he’s normally so even-tempered.”

His spokesman however dismissed the claims as simply a misunderstanding.

They revealed: “There was a chaotic misunderstand-ing after Gary was told he had been cleared to go for the night and he headed to his dressing room to chill out.

“Producers then realised they still had to do the ITV2 show and staff were dispatched to get Gary back to the studio.

“It all got a bit frantic and disorganised as they tried to explain the mix-up to him and he finally arrived back on the set with 10 seconds to spare.

“Gary doesn’t have any plans to quit. He’s really enjoying the show, he’s having a blast.”

PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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