X Factor 2011: Kelly Rowland sends Amelia Lily home!

Kelly Rowland 2011

X Factor judge Kelly Rowland tonight decided to keep Janet Devlin, Misha Bryan and Sophie Habibis in the competition, leaving Amelia Lily to be the fourth and final act eliminated in tonight's show.

"Can I just say, the four of you ladies are so incredibly talented and unique in your own way," Kelly said, before naming [tag]Janet Devlin[/tag] as the first safe act of the four.

Kelly then decided to keep [tag]Misha Bryan[/tag] and [tag]Sophie Habibis[/tag], leaving to James Michael to go home.

Kelly said: "First off, can I just say that whatever decision I make, I want you both to know you both such stars. The third girl I am putting through is Sophie."

Speaking about Amelia, Kelly said: "You're going to see this girl everywhere, she is confident, she is talented, she is young."

Talking on Xtra Factor later about the 16-year-old, Kelly added: "She's so talented, I just remember the first time meeting her during the audition. With each performance for me, I just feel like this is not the end of the road for her.

"She will get older, she will get better and she will come back and shock the world!"

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