X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow sends James Michael home

Gary Barlow 2011

X Factor judge Gary Barlow tonight decided to keep Frankie Cocozza, Craig Colton and Marcus Collins in the competition, leaving James Michael to be the second of four acts eliminated.

"With only four left, of course it's going to be difficult," Gary said, before naming [tag]Marcus Collins[/tag] as the first safe act of the four.

Gary then decided to keep [tag]Craig Colton[/tag] and [tag]Frankie Cocozza[/tag], leaving to James Michael to go home.

Gary said: "I've really, really based this on last night. I've found this weekend very useful and based on last night's performance, the last boy I'm sending through is Frankie... I'm so sorry James."

A blubbing James vowed to carry on performing as he spoke to Dermot.

Talking on Xtra Factor, Take That star Gary added: "Everybody gave a 10/10 last night.. but for me he was the weakest out of my four, but it was still a great performance."

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