Former X Factor winner Matt Cardle gives advice to Gary Barlow's boys

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Gary Barlow's boys got an extra mentoring session this week, from last year's winner Matt Cardle. The Essex lad returned to the show ahead of his performance tonight to help out the guys, but it seems his appearance has caused some jealousy amongst the other finalists!

The Daily Star Sunday reports that the boys were give a personal bootcamp by the former champion ahead of their performance last night.

Craig told the newspaper: “Meeting Matt has definitely given us an advantage over the others because he gave us his opinion on how we should do the show.

“He offered us great advice to take everything that comes our way and it was brilliant to see him. It gave us a kick before the first live show.”

Frankie added: “It was a real treat for us.”

But the visit has annoyed the other contestants.

A show insider added: “The boys meeting last year’s winner won’t go down well at all. It gives them a distinct advantage.

“They’ve had tips on how to do well, so last night they all had a bit more confidence as a result.

“The public can’t vote for them this week but it will definitely help them when votes do start coming in next weekend. It looks like Gary is out to win at any cost.”

We just hope Kelly calls in Beyonce to help her girls...

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