X Factor 2011: Gary will leave if Sami Brookes is eliminated this weekend!

Sami Brookes

X Factor 2011's Gary Barlow has threatened he'll quit the show if Louis Walsh fails to take Sami Brookes through to next week's show tomorrow. As part of this week's twist, the judges have to each axe one contestant from their category, and it seems Sami's performance tonight will see her stay.

Tulisa raved after the cover of 'Free': "Sami, you are The Voice of this competition. I love what you stand for and represent, strong women around the world and when you get up there I get such a strong female energy from you and it just makes me want to celebrate with all the women, for you."

KELLY ROWLAND: There is an overwhelming abundance of putting it down tonight and you came here and gave us that big vocal and all that sass and I am so proud! I’m so happy you’re here. Louis, I just want to thump you right on your head because I want her too! I’ll fight you for it later.

Louis Walsh agreed, adding: "I am so glad that you’re in the competition. I totally, totally believe in you and you’re going to be here for a long, long time because Sami you’re a very ordinary girl with a extraordinary voice and you’re the next big diva from Wales."

Gary Barlow warned: "So let me get something straight, the only reason Sami is here is because Goldie dropped out of the competition? So Louis thought Goldie was a better singer than you? Let me say this… if you’re not here next week, I am leaving this chair. If he doesn’t bring you back, I’m off!"

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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