X Factor 2011: Judges argue over Nu Vibe as they split the panel

Nu Vibe

The X Factor 2011 judges were left split this evening after Nu Vibe took to the stage for the first time. The five piece group, who were formed at this year's bootcamp, performed Chris Brown's Beautiful People on the show's opening live final.

Kelly Rowland raved: "I am really impressed, I must admit I was worried at the beginning because it’s five different personalities, a lot of testosterone floating through there. But I really enjoyed watching you tonight and I hope you stay focused and keep your eye on the prize because you could be something remarkable.

"Be the next generation of boyband but remember, you have Gary, you have Boyz II men and they came before you and put it down. You have got to come on that stage and put it down."

Louis Walsh agreed, adding: "Tulisa you took a chance and it absolutely worked I loved the energy, young girls will love these five guys I love the song choice and Ashford, you’re the main man!"

But Gary Barlow felt the boys failed to live up to the hype.

He said: "Guys I thought it was good, I thought the song choice was good in the way that you could actually hide behind that song, I feel like I didn’t really hear any of your singing together. I felt like I was watching five solo artists rather than a band."

Hitting back, Tulisa told the Take That star: “People have been waiting for my feisty side to come out on this show and here it is... Gary, you must be mental! These boys are the next generation of boyband and they are going to blow people out of the water, Amazing performance guys."

Tune in tomorrow night to see if Nu Vibe are one of Tulisa's top three groups!

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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