X Factor 2011: Judges disappointed with Jonjo Kerr's performance

Jonjo Kerr X Factor 2011

The X Factor 2011 judges were left disappointed with Jonjo Kerr's performance on tonight's first live show, as the soldier's cover of The Kinks' You Really Got Me fail to impress. Tulisa and Kelly both criticised the song choice, while Gary suggested Jonjo was set to leave tomorrow night.

The Take That star warned: "You've made Louis' decision tomorrow night an easy one."

He added: "I think you enjoy this experience tonight, because actually seeing you among all the other acts, you stick out like a sore thumb to me."

Tulisa commented: "I love your energy but the disappointment for me tonight was the song choice. i think you could have picked something that showed your voice off a little bit more because you do have a great voice. Overall I love your energy and it pulled together the performance."

Kelly Rowland agreed, adding: "Jonjo you know I an definitely rooting for you in this competition but I must say I was very disappointed because I expected more energy from you, I expected you to give a little bit more/ Did you have a good time because I felt like you were not coming out of yourself."

Defending Jonjo, Louis said: "The problem is Gary he is so nervous and he’s never nervous backstage. Jonjo you have to start believing in yourself because everyone else has upped their game. You’re a fantastic guy but this is your moment."

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