OMG! It's the first X Factor 2011 live show! We chat to the finalists...

Amelia Lily

It's finally here! Tonight the final 16 X Factor contestants will be singing live for your votes, and we've got all the latest gossip from the group about their debut performances this evening! With just a few hours to go the nerves are starting to set in, but there's also plenty of excitement going around...

Amelia says: "I'm excited... nervous... having mixed emotions," while Misha adds she's hoping to put her "own stamp" on the song she's singing.

Unfortunately, Sophie Habibis used to term "emotional rollercoaster" to describe her feelings and for that, we were disappointed. Let's hope she can redeem herself with a good song tonight.

Speaking about their performance, The Risk say: "We're excited... we've got to put our own twist on it. Derry's got a wee rap on the show. I's the first week and we've got to try and make the song the best we can."

A hyperactive Kitty can't wait to go out on the stage, saying: "I'm so excited about my song choice, I can't to perform it now!"

Jonjo reveals he'll be singing "classic", while Sami Brookes tells viewers to expect surprises.

The Welsh star told us: "I'm happy [with my song] because mine is not predictable. I'm not going down the ballad route. It's more... it's a feel good song and I’m glad people can see a different side!"

And the boys? Marcus is over the moon just to have gone to Marks and Spencers. He raves: "We went yesterday! I was made up, I've ate my own weight in Percy pigs!"

Let's hope he's not forgotten about tonight's show...

The X Factor 2011 airs at 7:30PM tonight on ITV1.

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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