X Factor 2011: Who's got the Tweet factor? (INFOGRAPHIC!)

Kitty Brucknell

We've always wondered what all the tweets about this year's X Factor 2011 contestants would look like in graph form, it's a question that has kept us up at night (or maybe it was Thursday’s curry), and thanks to the folks over at Virgin we now have an answer...

They write: "We love the x-factor, and have recently started creating weekly infographics based on online chatter such as Tweets, forum and blog posts from fans."

So what can we tell from this rather fabulous graph? Firstly, unsurprisingly, it's 2 Shoes, Frankie, Janet and Kitty who all lead the way in the respective categories - no shocks there.

What is interesting however is looking at the other contestants. In the boys, the remaining trio are very close together - with Marcus and Craig both on 13% while James is on 11%. It's a different story in the Overs, where Jonjo is attracting just 4% of online buzz compared to Johnny's 16%.

We also see here that the Louis is the most talked about judge, but we don't reckon that most of that is positive...

Check out the full image below:

X Factor Infographic

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