We chat to Kitty Brucknell about all things X Factor, Cher, and her plans for the Grand Canyon

Kitty X Factor bootcamp

We were very lucky - and very excited - to meet up with Kitty Brucknell earlier this week, ahead of her first performance on The X Factor tonight. In a few hundred or so words, this is pretty much what she said in the short space of time we had to talk to her...

Dressed in a short skirt, leather bra and a blonde wig, Kitty was very much as wacky as she comes across on screen.

"Of course I’m an exhibitionist!" she enthuses, "Why would I lie? But I also see myself as a performer, I like to sing..."

We then have to take a quick break (already) because Kitty doesn't want to itch her nose in front of us, "I'm not going to blow on camera," she says - referring to her nose, of course.

Back on the topic of The X Factor, and Kitty says that despite her extreme looks and costumes, she's very much determined to win the show.

She tells us: "I also take this competition really seriously, I want to do something that's never been done before."

While it's extremely unlikely, should she make the final in December, Kitty already has her duet sorted: "Cher," she says without hesitation.

"She's a very inspiring person, she's done a lot for the gay community and for woman she's someone I'd be like 'Oh My God, I'm singing with Cher."

And on the topic of all the hate being aimed at her? Kitty has a plan.

"To all the critics to and all the people that hate me, I don’t worry about it, it's not about who hates you, it's about who loves you. I take all that negativity and dump it in the Grand Canyon.

"A really smart guy, Elliot [who works on the show], he told me 'The easiest routes always lead downhill'

"I don't really know why there is so much hate in the world, people should embrace difference and I think it's really sad."

Tune into The X Factor from 7:30PM tonight to see Kitty's... interesting performance...

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