X Factor 2011: It's the first live show TONIGHT! The latest backstage gossip...

Misha Bryan X Factor 2011

There's less than 24 hours to go until The X Factor 2011 final 16 perform live for the first time, and it seems backstage there's a lot of emotions going on. The group yesterday had their final rehearsal, and with their future resting on tonight's performance alone, some contestants are buckling under the pressure!

19-year-old [tag]Frankie Cocozza[/tag] confessed he was not a happy bunny after his sound check, telling fans on Twitter not to expect much from him tonight, which doesn't sound at all good.

But there was better news for rival [tag]Craig Colton[/tag]. “We did a sound check yesterday for the first time and got to see the stage," He revealed, “Tomorrow is the first time we are going to perform with all the dancers. It is exciting.”

Meanwhile 19-year-old [tag]Misha Byran[/tag] admitted that she has toned down her outfits for the live shows tonight: "Rihanna is from Barbados and that kind of dancing is cultural in Caribbean islands. But on national TV when there are millions of people watching and little kids watching, it is too much."

But it's not just about vocals, with the contestants also set to debut their new makeovers for the first time - and some of them have seen quite a drastic change.

16-year-old [tag]Janet Devlin[/tag] said of her new red hair: "I heard all these guys talking about the makeovers and stuff and I said I bet you they are gonna dye my hair ginger and when they told me.. I was like….I was cool."

Elsewhere, [tag]Sami Brookes[/tag] confessed to being a bag of nerves after finding out the this week’s shock twist, which will see each of the judges kick out the weakest act in their category.

The Welsh barmaid tweeted: "So 4 acts r gunna go!! Scarey times I’m gunna be singing for me super sweetarts x [sic]"

Speaking to the official website, Sami added: "This morning I got to the studio and I was a bag of nerves. But then I did my vocal lesson and I just feel energetic. That lady works wonders. I've just come out of her room and I feel like I've done an aerobics class because she is that good."

> X Factor 2011: Frankie Cocozza warns viewers not to expect much from him!

See if the hopefuls can keep a cool head as The X Factor goes live, tonight from 7:30PM on ITV1.

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