Dean 'Midas' Maynard offers help to haunted X Factor house!

Louis Walsh

The X Factor Finalist's Hertfordshire home may be luxurious and full of all the modern appliances, but what they didn't bank on was it being haunted! You'd think you could at least count on a ghoul-less house for £6 million...

In the past 24 hours Nu Vibe singer Bradley Johnson said: "I walked into the attic and put the light on. This light came on from under the floorboards and I thought I saw a dead body."

Fellow Nu Vibe member Stefan Romer added: "We'd been telling scary stories about serial killers. We were walking outside and looked up and the lights had turned on. They're sensored but no one else was there.

"Then there was a huge smash, like a big door, but the front door was locked. We couldn't sleep for hours."

Soldier Jonjo has also reported to have been so spooked recently that he has moved rooms.

Dean 'Midas' Maynard who is known for his writing and prediction work on the X Factor and all things Reality TV is also one of the country’s top Ghost hunters and today he offered his services to the X Factor team.

Dean said: "I have the experience and all the Ghost busting gadgets needed to see if there is anything in the house, I could even go and investigate it during the live show on Saturday whilst the acts are performing"

He concluded: "If the Contestants and the X Factor team want someone to help them, they know who to call.

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