X Factor 2011: Amelia Lily refuses to wear 'revealing' outfits for first live show

Amelia Lily X Factor 2011

X Factor 2011 hopeful has said she's refused to wear 'revealing' outfits for the first live shows, because she feels she's too young. The 16-year-old said snubbed the show's stylist after they tried to "sex up" her performance for tomorrow night's show.

The blonde younger said: “They’ve been dressing me in outfits and they have had to take me out of some because they were too revealing because of my age.”

She added: “It’s better to be careful, d’you know what I mean?”

Sources say other singers have also rejected their outfits, while Kitty has insisted on styling herself!

A source told The Mirror: “It’s part of the styling process each week and contestants will often put their opinions forward.

“Amelia may only be 16 but she knows her mind. She’s really fashion-forward and if she doesn’t want to wear something she’ll work with the stylist to find something else.”

PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

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