Curse of the girl bands strikes again! Rhythmix favourites for first X Factor chop

Rhythmix X Factor

It looks as though there's going to be bad news for Tulisa on The X Factor this week, with her new girl group Rhythmix the favourites to get the axe in the first live show on Saturday and Sunday. Groups, girl bands in particular, have never fared well on the show, and it seems like Rhythmix are set to go the same way.

It's not going to help that we've only seen them perform once at this point, having formed at the very end of bootcamp.

There will be plenty of pressure on the girls tomorrow night - and they know it more than anyone.

Speaking to TellyMix earlier this week, the girls told us they hoped to win votes by being fun rather than sexy. They said: "We're just a little bit different, we're young and fun, we're just want to be us.

"We want girls to feel like they can approach us, we don't want don’t want to be threatening. We’re cool and fun. We like to see ourselves as the modern spice girls, we're all different and we come together as one."

But asked where they'd see themselves in five years, they replied: "We always like to see we'd like to be as big as the Saturdays."

Don't aim too high girls...

PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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