X Factor 2011 final 16! Here's who we're loving and hating (Yes, already!)

Amelia Lily X Factor 2011

They may have not even performed yet but we've already got strong opinions about the X Factor 2011 final 16. Some of them we're really digging, and others we're wondering how on earth they got through! Here's our take on the finalists, be sure to add your views in the comments!

We got the chance to chat to The X Factor final 16 earlier this week, and here's what we have to say on their voices and what they're really like in person...

The boys

First there's Frankie Cocozza. Quite simply, we don't 'get' him. Vocally he's alright, but certainly n where the best, and if we're honest, we'd have much rather seen more of Max Vickers, John Wilding or Joe Cox!

Marcus is the stand out of the boys category with a beautiful soul voice, and a cheeky scouse personality. He's our tip to make it all the way to the final.

Craig Colton is another cheeky scouser in the boys group, but so far his performances have all been very same-y for us. We'd love to see what he comes out with in the live shows this weekend.

Finally there's James Michael, who completes the trio of Liverpudlians in the final four with a brilliantly unique vocal. Gary Barlow described him as a risk and it's probably the correct term. Will he make it to the later stages of the show? We hope so.


The Groups

With three of the groups being so new, including one which has never yet performed, we don’t really have any opinions on them either way. There's going to be plenty of pressure when the live shows start this Saturday as it's going to be their only chance to impress us.

On the only remaining "orig" group 2 Shoes however, we're in love. Charley and Lucy are quite wonderful and completely genuine; we love the way they transform as they sing and show off rather pleasant vocals. Let's not kid ourselves, they're not brilliant (and they'd probably agree), but they're good enough and their personality makes up for it.

The Girls

16-year-old Janet Devlin really is as timid as the show makes out, she comes across as quite fragile but underneath the fizzy hair the youngster also seems ambitious and knows what she wants. We reckon she'll go far but it seems like the teenager is already splitting opinions...

We're still not 100% Amelia Lily is only 16, not only could she easily pass for someone in their 20s, but having spoken to the blonde beauty we'd be fooled into thinking she'd been in the industry for decades. Her voice is certainly a powerhouse, and she's by far our favourite right now.

Sophie Habibis, who now looks a lot like Tulisa, is very much the dark horse in the competition. While we haven't heard much from her on the show the 19-year-old didn't stop talking when he got the chance to chat. We're in love with Sophie's voice and can't wait to finally hear a full performance on the show from her!

Completely the Girls line up is Misha Bryan, who seems very confident with herself and her voice. Some have accused the 19-year-old of even being too confident or even arrogant, but we certainly saw no signs of that talking to her. Misha teased she was once again going to put "her own stamp" on her song choice tomorrow night, and we can't wait.

The Overs

Johnny Robinson is an absolutely brilliant character and had the whole room in stitches with every word that came out of his mouth at Tuesday's event. The voice, unfortunately, doesn't quite match up - but we want him to stay in all the same!

Sami Brookes couldn't hide her happiness at being brought back after Goldie's exit, and revealed she was looking forward to surprising us with an up-tempo number tomorrow night. It'll be interesting to see, as we're not quite sure yet if Sami is just a good karaoke singer...

Jonjo Kerr is unbelievably quiet, but a true gentleman. His performances to date have generally passed us by, and so he's going to have to pull a lot out of the bag tomorrow night.

Finally, there's Kitty Brucknell. If you follow us on Twitter you'll already know we have quite a soft spot for the wacky Lady GaGa impersonator and were very much looking forward to meeting her earlier in the week. We can confirm that she most certainly is as completely bonkers in real life, but she is nice and rather lovely. We saw no signs of any diva demands from her, even after five hours of interviews!

Who are your favourites? Tell us in the comments below and vote in our poll to the right!

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