X Factor 2011: Rhythmix facing legal action over name


Oh dear, it's not looking good for the girls of new X Factor group Rhythmix, with the four piece being asked to change their name due to a legal battle. The group share their name with Rhythmix Music, which bills itself as "One of the UK's leading music Charities".

The girls are one of 16 finalists who made it to the live shows, after being formed by the judges at bootcamp.

Mark Davyd, the chief executive of Rhythmix (the charity), has confirmed lawyers have written to the show to ask the group to change their name, but have had little in the way of reply from show bosses.

He said: "The first reply from X Factor was basically 'We don't care'. Maybe I'm naive but I work in an area where I expect people to do the right thing.

"No-one would call a band Nordoff Robbins or Shelter. Now I accept that we are not as big as those organisations but we put on concerts and put out CDs and its just not appropriate.

"We've started to have to pay out money to protect the integrity of the charity which I just think is ridiculous."

An X Factor spokeswoman however was confident that there wouldn't be any problems, saying: "The charity in question have trademarked the name 'Rhythmix' for educational purposes only, which is not in conflict with the band or the show."

We'll let the lawyers fight this one out...

PIC: Copyright Ken McKay/Rex Features

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