X Factor 2011: Janet Devlin cried when Jade Richards was sent home

Janet Devlin X Factor 2011

16-year-old Janet Devlin has said she cried when watching back Sunday night's show, which saw Jade Richards sent home. Sporting a new ginger tinge to her hair at yesterday's X Factor press conference, Janet said she felt "so bad" for Jade when Kelly Rowland chose her over the Scottish singer.

Along with Jade, Kelly also selected Sophie Habibis, Misha Bryan and Amelia Lily to compete in the live shows, starting this Saturday.

"When I was watching it, I was almost crying," Janet revealed. "I just felt so bad. We are so different as people and to be seen as fighting for the end place, it was hard to watch.’

And the talented teenager also said the pair were still in contact with each other despite the very different places they've ended up in on the show.

"We’re friends," she added. "We had a day after when we all went shopping and everyone was still friends. It was so great. We’ve supported each other."

The X Factor 2011 live shows start this Saturday from 7:30PM.

PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

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