X Factor 2011: Axed Melanie McCabe blasts the show, saying she was "treated like a prop"

Melanie McCabe (X Factor 2011)

It's not just Jade Richards who was unhappy about being axed from the show last weekend, with Melanie McCabe today giving her own rather honest views about the show. The youngster, who like John Wilding was turned away for a second time, said she was "treated like a prop" by the show.

The talented teenager, who had previously wowed the panel at her audition and bootcamp, was one of four girls rejected by Kelly Rowland at the weekend. Instead, Janet Devlin, Amelia Lily, Sophie Habibis and Misha Bryan made it through to the live shows.

Speaking o the Irish Herald, Melanie suggested she may have got further if she had a sob story, “The show is not fully about your voice — so much of it is to do with how good your sob story is," she said. “It was devastating for me not to get through — it’s really tough and I don’t think it’s very fair.

“A lot of people who audition go in with trauma or a dramatic story — I wanted to go in without any of that and just prove myself with my talent, but I should’ve known better.

And after being knocked back again, Melanie revealed unlike Jade she wouldn't be returning next year.

“Looking back on it, you’re better off going down the real artist route like Adele, and not entering a competition," she explained. "Yes, it can be harder, but at the same time if you can take on the X Factor, you can take on anything.

“With the amount of filming you do, as well as the early starts, you’re just treated like a prop that’s there to make them money.”

PIC: Copyright Talkback Thames/Ken McKay

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