X Factor 2011: Uh Oh! Jade Richards hits out at Kelly Rowland!

Jade Richards X Factor 2011

Rejected X Factor contestant Jade Richards has hit out at Kelly Rowland, saying the former Destiny's Child star judge her on looks rather than talent. Kelly ditched Jade for the live shows, instead picking Janet Devlin, Amelia Lily, Sophie Habibis and Misha Bryan to compete for the girls category.

But the talent was so high in the group, any four of the girls had the talent to make it through to the last stage of the competition.

According to the Daily Star however, Jade has accused Kelly of basing her decision on looks rather than talent. She apparently told friends: “If they thought other girls were better singers than me then fair enough. But to lose out because of an outfit or my tattoos is gutting.

“It stings to hear Kelly saying I don’t have the right image or styling.

“I can’t be something I’m not. I’m never going to be skinny and blonde.”


And Jade added her rejection may have also been because she refused to mess about on camera.

She said: “I don’t think people would like me if I was running about like a dafty in a crazy outfit and screaming and crying down the camera for attention. They would know I wasn’t being genuine.”

Speaking to Jade on Sunday night, Kelly wasn't sure if the Scottish singer could grow on the live shows.

“Each week there’s a different theme as you know. I was wondering – would Jade make each week different? Will she grow?," Kelly explained. “And I know what a big opportunity this would be and I know how this could change your life. But I can’t take
you through.”

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