X Factor 2011 is turning Tulisa into a big softie!

Tulisa Contostavlos 2011

She's confessed to being tough, fiesty and gobby in the past, but now Tulisa thinks she's turning into a big softie, all thanks to The X Factor! Speaking to the Sunday Mirror this week, Tulisa said she was loving the experience, but was shocked how passionate she was getting over the acts!

“I knew I’d enjoy it and could do it but I didn’t realise how passionate about it I was going to get – or how attached to the acts I would become," she explained. “I thought of myself as quite a hard person. But saying ‘no’ is devastating and I’ve found it so tough.

“People in the UK are passionate about the X Factor – it’s their show, so you have to care. It’s brought out a more emotional side to me. It’s ­actually made me softer.”

However Tulisa insisted she's never been a meanie anyway!

But she added that this caring side has always been bubbling under the surface of her streetwise image.

She said: “Everyone assumes I’ve become this nice person overnight since joining the X Factor, and before that I was an aggressive, violent chav that just goes around attacking people and swearing every five minutes.

“It’s just brought to the fore certain qualities that were always there.”

Last weekend we saw Tulisa select Nu Vibe, 2 Shoes, The Risk and Rhythmix to compete for her groups category in the live shows, which kick off on Saturday.

PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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