X Factor 2011: The Risk's Derry Mensah 'part of notorious London street gang'

Derry Mensah X Factor

X Factor 2011 hopeful Derry Mensah is a part of a notorious London street gang, it has been claimed. According to The Mirror, Derry was associated with the '031 crew', and boasted about stabbing and shooting in performances which glorified murder, including that of the unsolved death of 15-year-old Billy Cox.

While it was previously revealed that Derry had served time in prison for a brutal mugging on a train, there was no knowledge of Derry's deeper involvement ion crime until now.

He had insisted that his stint in prison had changed him, but Derry apparently brags about his sentence, saying: And he boasts: “Back in the day I did time. You don’t want to play one bit with the nine. You don’t want to get a Tec-9 in your spine.” A nine is slang for a gun and a Tec-9 is a semi-­automatic handgun.

And in another track, he boasts of “shanking” (stabbing) people in the eye.

He also raps: “I leave man’s body in the grass and the dust... If you bring beef I’ll put my shank in your eye, drag it straight down to your thigh... Hold tight the O Tray, n****z.”

It's news sure to worry show bosses ahead of the weekend's first live show.

PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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