X Factor 2011 tiwst: No contestants will be returning!

Jade Richards X Factor 2011

While exactly what the supposed 'BIG TWIST' that is set to be revealed on this week's live show actually is has not yet been revealed, it definitely won't see the return of more contestants. Saturday night's show is actually shorter than last year's first live episode, despite both including 16 hopefuls.

It may mean some contestants are axed before they sing. Again. But whatever does happen, we've been told not to expect any more than the sixteen finalists we already have, unfortunately for fans of Jade Richards.

An insider added to The Sun this morning: "Jade had one of the best voices on the show and had built up a strong following. But, unlike last year, the twist won't involve booted-out acts coming back.

"Each judge already has four acts. There is no room for any more. So Jade, or any of the other acts already eliminated, won't be coming back."

The X Factor live shows start this weekend from 7:30PM on ITV1.

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