The X Factor 2011 Final 16: Dean 'Midas' Maynard gives his view...

Janet Devlin

That's it then, the drama of selecting the chosen few is all over and the best of the best are raring to go. It now falls to me to review the acts in the X Factor 2011 Final 16 - and what a very select bunch they are..

First up, it's Tulisa and The Groups.

The Risk: If these guys gel, they could be the surprise package of this year’s show.

Rhythmix: Girl bands never do well on the X Factor but I really hope these girls can change that. They will need to ensure outstanding performances every week and charm the audience.

Nu Vibe: Fresh and edgy, my major problem is that the boy band market is saturated at the moment. Is there room for them? Time will tell.

2 Shoes: Love, love, love these girls. I really hope the public bond with these two because they are really nice girls and very good singers.


Louis Walsh meanwhile has been given the Overs... again.

Johnny Robinson: Johnny has, shall we say a unique voice and I think his personality will be the major reason that he stays so long. Likeable guy who we need in the competition.

Sami Brookes: Another act who I hope stays around for a while. Sami has a belting voice and should be able to handle any theme.

Jonjo Kerr: This is not a dig but Jonjo has slipped in to the live shows and I have hardly noticed him. He seems like a very nice guy so I hope he does well.

Kitty Brucknell: If Kitty was just all about the singing I could grow to like her but at the moment she is shaping up to be this year’s X Factor pantomime villain. Hope that changes.

Gary Barlow has been handed the Boys...

Frankie Cocozza: I like his image, his personality but I don't think his voice is strong enough. He will have the female vote though and that should carry him to the top half of the 16.

James Michael: We haven't seen a great deal of James and that could work against him. If he gets off to a good start I can see him doing very well.

Craig Colton: Belting voice and one of the strongest in the competition. My concern is whether it's adaptable to the different themes.

Marcus Collins: Of all the boys I think he has the best chance of winning, great singer, good looking and a likeable personality.

Sophie Habibis

Finally lucky Kelly Rowland gets the Girls...

Sophie Habibas: Like James, we haven't seen much of Sophie. She has a strong voice though and could be an outsider to watch.

Amelia Lily: I have liked Amelia since day one, she has it all and I think she is a major threat to my Midas Act Janet Devlin. Top 4 at least.

Misha Bryan: Another very strong singer, who will be able to adapt to any theme and put her own spin on it. Another serious contender.

Janet Devlin: Last but not least is my Midas Act Janet. I really like Janet's voice and she is very down to earth and likeable. The different theme weeks should not be a problem. Top 3 at least.

So that's it, the Final 16 revealed and reviewed. Good Luck to all the acts in the Final 16 and my advice to them would be, take it all in and enjoy it. At least you will all get to model Marks and Spencer's new Christmas range.

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