Britney Spears rules out X Factor judging role (Was she even asked?!)

X Factor 2011 set

Britney Spears has revealed we can’t expect to see her behind the judges ‘ desk of the X Factor anytime soon, saying being a judge on the show is too rude! Speaking last week, Britney also claimed she would have never entered such a show if she hadn't made it in the music business.

The 29-year-old, who stopped by the UK on whistle stop radio tour last month, said: “Being a judge, oh, it would be hard. Especially when you’re put in the situation when they’ve been there so long and sometimes the judges just say, ‘Get off the stage!’ and it’s like you don’t want to be rude.

"Most of the acts are amazing though, really, really talented people.”

And asked whether she'd have applied to appear on such shows, Brit added: “No... I’d probably be at home with my boyfriend and have kids.”

Looks like we're stuck with Louis for now then...

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