Ouch! Jamie Archer hits out at 'The X Factor' saying winners don't deserve creative control

X Factor 2009 live finalist Jamie Archer has become the latest ex-contestant to have a pop at the talent show stating that winners shouldn't expect to have creative control over their own music.

Jamie who became the sixth contestant to be eliminated in the sixth series of the ITV1 talent show has said that he believes that winning the competition is ''a double-edged sword'' despite being ''great for your ego''. Speaking to Digital Spy, when asked if he agreed with series six winner Joe McElderry that winners deserve more of a say in their careers, Jamie replied: ''No, I don't think you deserve it.''

He elaborated adding: ''I think that there is too much control over the people who come in the top three, but when you go on the show, you're an idiot if you don't realise that's going to happen. That's how it works. You've seen it, you've read the stories, and if you get in the top three they're going to say, 'You've won but we're going to do you our way'."

Archer revealed that he's glad he didn't win saying: ''I'm so glad I didn't win. I'm so glad I came where I came. Because I'm free. I'm making my music my way. I dress the way I want to, and I will live and die by my own sword. Thanks to the show, and thanks to the public and thanks to Simon, I've got this opportunity which I wouldn't have had before, and that's why I'll never diss X Factor, because it's given me everything."

Asked about Joe's album Classic which has been a success unlike his winner's album Wide Awake which failed to reach Number One, Archer said: ''When you go through the machine, there is a tendency to have a one-size-fits-all sort of attitude. With Joe, it was so obvious that the people who voted for him and loved him were the people who liked classic songs with that amazing voice of his. They bought him back and gave him this pop stuff and had him dancing in the street. The people who loved him thought, 'I don't get this'."

Jamie releases his debut single Insanity with his band today. What a coincidence!

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