Is Cheryl Cole back? Will Simon be returning?! X Factor 2011 twist speculation!

Cheryl Cole

Ever since The X Factor teased a big twist on next weekend's show, our Twitter (follow us now!) has been going crazy with suggestions about what could be happening. While most of them can probably be ruled out (Kitty will not be ripping her face off mid-performance to reveal Katie Waissel, Vegas__Paul), there are some plausible theories...

By far the biggest speculation on the web seems involve the return of either Cheryl Cole or Simon Cowell to the show, could it be? And who would they mentor!? Apparently, they'd get to pick any four of the 16 acts who didn't make it. Not so bad for the girls, but there's not exactly much to choose from in the other categories...

But this would leave us with a whopping 20 acts for the first live show, and at only 2 and a half hours long (similar to last year), it's highly unlikely we'll have time to fit it in.

The other possibility is an extra act returning, similar to Britain's Got Talent's twist earlier this year when French dancer Michael Moral returned after initially being booted out. Of course, this would leave one mentor with five acts, and would be rather unfair on the rest!

One of the best (and plausible) theories we saw was that the judges would SWAP categories! It'd be an amazing and shocking turn of events, and we imagine Kelly's smile would quickly disappear if she had the girls taken off of her! Our only worry is what on earth Louis would do them if he ended up mentoring Amelia, Janet, Misha and Sophie!

The final and our completely made up theory is that Gamu will be back in a blaze of glory to save us all!

Who knows? Other than the fact The X Factor starts at 7:30PM this Saturday, there's little to go on!

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